Make a difference by creating new hops

New varieties of hops are crucial for innovations in brewing, and our Hop Breeding Program is keeping things fresh in Oregon's $4.5B craft industry. Learn more about plant genetics by studying crop science.  

Oregon's Agricultural Progress - Summer 2017

In this issue, see how our research helps to concoct some of the world’s finest foods and beverages

The Source - College of Agricultural Sciences Newsletter

Read the latest news of our work related to agricultural and life sciences, food, natural resources, and environmental quality.

And read Dean Dan Arp's observations on the accomplishments of our students, faculty, staff, and stakeholders.

2016-17 Academic Report

A snapshot of recent accomplishments across the College. Download the pdf for live hyperlinks.

2016-17 Academic Report

Where Science Goes to Work

College of AgSci is more than you think

Collaborating Across the Globe

Distinguished Professor John Selker

Alumni and Friends

College of AgSci alumni are known for making a difference. The involvement of our alumni is crucial to the College community.

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